Best Laptop in 2017

Best Laptop in 2017 | Microsoft, Apple, HP, Dell, Acer

Despite all the additional mobile devices available today, from tablets to smartwatches, the laptop has lasted through all these changes.  No matter what the task, the laptop still seems to…

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Message Broker Comparison

Message Broker Comparison – RabbitMQ, Kafka, ActiveMQ, Kestrel

Message brokers are an important component of web technology today, but what is their impact on cluster and data performance or a backlog of messages. Message Broker Comparison When reviewing…

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Galaxy S7 vs S8, Samsung S7 vs S8

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S8 – should I upgrade?

Samsung S7 vs S8 Once a new model is released it is tempting to look at your old Galaxy S7 and think about upgrading. If you look closely though you…

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iPhone 8 battery vs iPhone 7 battery

The New iPhone 8 Battery Smaller Than iPhone 7 Battery

iPhone 8 Battery vs iPhone 7 Battery The iPhone 8 is definitely superior to the iPhone 7 in all ways, except for the battery.  Reports out of China suggest that…

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