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What is wireless charging? Wireless Charging Supported Phones

Qi Standard for Wireless Charging– What is it? New technology is available that will allow some mobile phones to...

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Autonomous Driving Technology by Samsung

The Samsung Electronics Company has announced its intention to invest 75 million euros in a Vienna (Austria) based company,...

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Android 8 Oreo Features

The latest operating feature system from Google will soon be available on Nexus and Pixel devices. Android 8 Oreo...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

A New Phablet – the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review It might be expensive and the fingerprint scanner is...

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The Best Antivirus Software 2017

Internet security available in 2017 can help you to detect and remove any threats before they cause harm. Why...

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Is 32GB enough for iPhone 7 - 128GB or 256GB which one is the best?

iPhone Storage New iPhones will have 32GB, 128GB, or 256GB.  16GB is no longer available. Which one will you...

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Improve your engagement with Facebook in 2017

The size of your business makes no difference because Facebook can play a crucial role in you marketing strategies...

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How far can google go in medical research? Google in medical research

It seems the co-founders of Google have always had a sense of commit to and a general interest in...

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Google Adwords Tips

Google Adwords is a tool for ensuring you target the right market.  It has become increasingly popular in recent...

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best antivirus software in 2016

Finding out the best antivirus software in 2016 If you want to be secure from phishing scams, and other...

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