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Future Technology Changes Business Today

Earlier this month Elon Musk and Jack Ma, both tech billionaires, presented a public debate on future technology putting...

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Robocop in Dubai, Robot in Dubai Police

Robocop in Dubai ‘Robocop’ on Dubai’s streets Dubai is planning to launch its first smart police station by 2030....

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Canadian company, X-Matik, plans new technology – enabling older cars to be self-driving

As technology develops we will see a new division between those car owners who can afford the latest, almost...

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Makamon AR Gaming Robot

‘Mekamon’ AR Gaming Robot will be available from Apple stores in the UK and the US from the middle...

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Best Laptop in 2017

Despite all the additional mobile devices available today, from tablets to smartwatches, the laptop has lasted through all these...

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Galaxy S7 vs S8, Samsung S7 vs S8

Samsung S7 vs S8 Once a new model is released it is tempting to look at your old Galaxy...

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waterproof iphone

There are many stories around about people dropping their very expensive iPhone into swimming pools, the sea and even...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S8 Plus Standard Samsung Galaxy S8 has a curved screen, making the differences between the...

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What is wireless charging? Wireless Charging Supported Phones

Qi Standard for Wireless Charging– What is it? New technology is available that will allow some mobile phones to...

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Autonomous Driving Technology by Samsung

The Samsung Electronics Company has announced its intention to invest 75 million euros in a Vienna (Austria) based company,...

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