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The Pokemon Go Plus Accessory – How Will it Change the Game

Close to a year ago, Niantic made the announcement that they would be releasing the Pokemon Plus accessory that...

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How to Stop Bullying for Kids

How to Stop Bullying for Kids ??? It’s a reality of modern life that kids are almost constantly tethered...

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animals with no eyes - Some animals have bizarre ways of ‘seeing’

Animals with no eyes, but they can still see There are some animals with no eyes, but they can...

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How the Human Eye Works

The Human Eye: How it Works As with other eyes found in nature, the human eye is called a...

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Using Eye-Control can change the lives of people with a disability - Tobii

Tobii Assistive Technology Tobii Assistive Technology, a subsidiary of Tobii Technology, is one of the world leaders in Augmentative...

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Is it ASP (Application Service Provider) or ASP (Active Server Page)

This can be confusing for newcomers, so what is the difference? Application Service Provider ASP is a business that...

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Buyers guide to choosing a new mobile

With nearly every person now having access to mobile phones and normally owning more than one, especially with all...

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What are 3G and 4G

What are 3G and 4G Here is a question in the mind of many people; What are 3G and...

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Making the Web Dynamic

In order to make websites more dynamic and user-friendly, additional technology has been developed. Ajax is a technology that...

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2016: The Year of Gadgets

Every day, technology is getting smarter and more relevant to our daily lives. The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show showcased...

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