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Forza Horizon 3 System Requirements

There is only one month left before Forza Horizon 3 arrives, and Microsoft has just revealed the recommended specs...

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BlackBerry Q5

Black Berry is a trademark that is recognized over the world as far as phone handsets are concerned. Lately...

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Short Origin Stories Of Some Great Inventions

Some Great Inventions Necessity is said to be the mother of all inventions, this can be said to be...

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Patents that never made it

There are many examples of patents that never made it at all over the world. One of the earliest...

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Apple's iOS 9.3 glitching some older iPads

There is no joy presently for some owners of older iPads; the reason behind their misery is that Apple’s...

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Reasons to Choose iPad Pro over iPad Air 2

There are not many differences between the iPad pro and the iPad Air 2, but a keen observer is...

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Wonders never seem to cease as the story below shall illustrate, a helicopter that was bringing visitors from abroad...

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T-Mobile Gets Throttled By The FCC

We live in a fast paced world, and a majority of the people prefer faster than slower at any...

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There has been a steady but a sure rise in the retail business for Vodafone as a company. Vodafone...

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Skeleton on the Moon

Is this the truth or its fiction? That is the question that everyone who reads the story of the...

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