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Stop Bullying for Kids - Protect your Kids from Cyberbullies

Stop bullying for kids It’s a reality that kids are connected with technology almost 24/7. While mobile devices have...

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Stop the spam, stop the scams: Tips for protecting your mobile

Most people who own a PC are aware that a strong anti-virus program and other security measures are a...

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Getting More Out of Your Apple iPad - Hints, Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks: Getting More Out of Your Apple iPad The iPad is a great device, combining the features...

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Search Newer, Search Better in Google

Search Better in Google How can we search better in google? Simple Google searches might seem like “Internet 101”,...

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Google Strikes Back on Android Ownership

Android may be the software that launched most of the world’s smartphones, however ownership of the system has been...

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China Says No to Windows 10

While Windows 10 has had no shortage of critics, some of the strongest voices against the new platform are...

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Facebook Casts a Wider Advertising Net

Facebook has recently announced a change to its advertising policy, which may see the network reach wider than ever....

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There's a Bully in my Pocket: Bullying Advice for Kids to Stay Safe on your Mobile – Part 2

Note: Here is part 2 of “Bullying Advice for Kids”. If you did not read part 1 of it,...

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There's a Bully in my Pocket: Bully Advice for Kids to Stay Safe on your Mobile

Bully in my pocket Your mobile is probably like your best friend. It lets you text and instant message...

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Managing your Apps, Managing your Kids

Apps have become the cornerstone of modern technology, offering everything you’d ever need, right at your fingertips. Apps are...

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