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Want to back out of a Reserved Windows 10 Upgrade? Here’s how.

When Windows 10 was announced, many users were anxious to upgrade and so made reservations to get the update...

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Stay Safe and Log-Off

Being always connected to the internet (via cable, broadband or another method) has its draw backs when it comes...

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Suspect plagiarism at play

The Internet has opened up a wealth of information, but it’s also made it easier than ever to plagiarise...

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The USB is Dead. Long Live the USB.

Step aside, USB: there’s a new cable in town and it’s set to revolutionize your devices. The USB-C is...

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Send Multimedia from your Phone

Since the release of the iPhone 3.0, users have been able to quickly and easily send photos, contacts and...

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Turn your iPhone into a voice recorder

Since the release of iPhone 3.0, the Voice Memos app has given users the ability to quickly and easily...

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Looking after your much-loved devices

You probably spend a lot of money on your gadgets and so you love to get the maximum use...

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Top tips for new Windows 10 users

Top tips for new Windows 10 users Windows 10 is still developing and if you’ve recently upgraded, you might...

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Adobe Photoshop comes to your phone

Photoshop is a powerful photo-editing tool, so much so that it’s entered our everyday vernacular  as shorthand for the...

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Windows 10 and your privacy

Windows 10 and your privacy One of the biggest issues surrounding the release of Windows 10 has been concerns...

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