Canadian company, X-Matik, plans new technology – enabling older cars to be self-driving

Canadian Company, X-Matik, Plans – Enabling Older Cars To Be Self-Driving

As technology develops we will see a new division between those car owners who can afford the latest, almost autonomous vehicles (which are going to be expensive) and those with…

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Autonomous Driving Technology by Samsung

Samsung’s Increasing Interest in Autonomous Driving Technology

The Samsung Electronics Company has announced its intention to invest 75 million euros in a Vienna (Austria) based company, called TTTech.  TTTech create and develop autonomous driving technologies along with…

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Tesla New Battery

Tesla’s New Battery

Tesla believes its new version of the Model S, a totally electric car (sedan model), will accelerate to 60 mph in 2 and 1/2 seconds.  There will be an upgraded…

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Ways to Cool Hybrid and Electric Automobiles

Researchers Focus on New Ways to Cool Hybrid and Electric Automobiles

New Ways to Cool Hybrid and Electric Automobiles Purdue University and the Toyota Research Institute of North America have collaborated to come up with a new ways to cool hybrid…

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