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Mobiles and Bullying – Bullying Advice for parents

Mobiles and Bullying Why bullying Advice for parents is necessary? Smartphones and mobile devices are defining how young people communicate, the social networks they interact with, how they access information…

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Stay Safe and Log-Off

Stay Safe and Log-Off

Being always connected to the internet (via cable, broadband or another method) has its draw backs when it comes to security. While you’re connected, there’s always a risk of someone…

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Privacy Settings at Microsoft and Google

Think your accounts are private? Think again

One of the unfortunate realities of the Internet is that companies will track your usage for marketing or other more nefarious purposes. For those concerned about privacy, here are some…

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Check Your Website For Spam

Free Tools To Check Your Website For Spam

source: There is nothing more regrettable than getting a warning from a site guest that your site has been hailed as spam or malignant. All things considered, you invest…

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